Mitra Experience is something for everyone to cherish. The well ventilated classrooms, the cordiality shown by the staff, the motivation and guidance, approachability and friendliness needs to be experienced to be believed.

The school follows the ICSE curriculum which includes project based assignments, internet based research and assessment as per the syllabi. The curriculum also includes computer education, moral education, physical education, personality development, Karate, Yoga, Table-Tennis, Music, Dance, Theatre, Chess, Story telling, Art and Craft to cater to the all round development of an individual. The school has already sent five batches for the ICSE exams. We are proud to say that we have secured 100% pass with all distinctions.

To enable children to develop their natural skills and discover their  innate talent, the school has club activities like the  Science Club, Quiz Club, and the Eco Club that provide them with enormous opportunities to experience, explore and exhibit.

Mitra Academy has classes from Kindergarten to Std. X. Trilingual method is followed with English as the medium of instruction


An entity by itself, the Kinderworld helps build readiness skills, self confidence and a love for learning. Beginning at 2 years 10 months and going upto 5 years 10 months, this section endeavours to introduce the children to the larger world outside of  home. Skills in language, math, science and arts are introduced at this level by providing hands on experience that help the child develop social, gross as well as fine motor skills. Children learn to interact socially with their peers and teachers thus developing self confidence and self esteem in a safe, secure environment enjoying what they learn.

Primary & Higher classes

A student's application to lessons taught is assessed on a day-to-day basis. Students from Kindergarten to Class IV will have no tests. Here assessment is an ongoing integral part of everyday activity. Students from Class VI and above will have unit tests and examinations. A student's application to studies is assessed on the basis of his/her performance throughout the academic session. Std. I to Std. IV will follow the worksheet method. After each worksheet/exam the performance will be analysed. The Progress Report will be sent home and should be duly signed by the parent and returned.

The real strength of any school lies in the trained, dedicated, teaching staff. Teachers at Mitra have not only the aptitude but also the right attitude towards educating children. The teacher here becomes a facilitator who creates an ambience that is conducive to learning, a person who believes in leading by example. Teachers ensure that learning becomes a pleasure in an atmosphere that is cordial and appreciative.

Teachers undergo continuous orientation to keep with the changing trends in the field of education.

Counselling & Resource Centre

The school nurtures a warm, friendly and supportive learning environment with a Resource Centre and an In-house Counsellor . The Counsellor offers children the time, empathy and respect that they need to express their feelings and perhaps understand themselves from a different perspective. This can enable them to cope with challenges or to make positive changes in their life where necessary.


Special Initiatives

One of the special initiatives taken up by Mitra is the introduction of Information and Communication Technology enabled classrooms to aid regular teaching. This plays a vital role in the cognitive learning process enhancing student performance.

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Reading Programme

English Reading Programme - for students of Std. I to enable them to understand the concept of sight words, comprehend and read thus developing the reading habit. This helps them develop their vocabulary.



Science Education through Exploratory Demonstration is an activity based programme which is  designed to correspond and aid in the development of one or more of the  eight multiple Intelligences. Children learn the concepts by hands on experience as well as by observing and absorbing what is demonstrated.



mIND- To identify, nurture and develop multiple intelligence and to develop the three aspects of a student’s life, the Mind Set, the Skill Set and Tools Set, mind classes are conducted for children from Std. I & Std. II . This instills self confidence and helps improve their academic performance.


Mitra Experience

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