Scientifically designed campus with resource rooms equipped for digital teaching, aesthetically planned infrastructure, broad corridors and stair ways ensure a safe and secure environment for the children.


Library well stacked with a plethora of books including fiction, non-fiction and reference material. A good collection of magazines and a child friendly, congenial environment, friendly atmosphere make reading an enjoyable experience. The Library serves the informational, recreational and educational needs of the students and faculty.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab with state of art infrastructure, an LCD projector,  an Interactive Digital Board, computers with internet access, enable children to work on and create their own projects.


Science Laboratories

Three separate laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with more than adequate equipment, work stations, storage facilities, models and specimens cater to the need of an enthusiastic learner. Hence the children get to see, learn and  perform experiments.


Geography Lab

Geography laboratory enhances interest in Social Studies by exposing students to the concepts of Maps, Globes, Models. They have visual experience of the working model of the Solar System and the rain gauge. The models of the satellite, help them understand the working of a space craft better.


Audio Visual Room

Audio Visual Room is equipped with an LCD projector, an Interactive Board with  access to Internet, a television set with satellite connection, Audio Video devices, cordless mikes for interaction where teachers and students continually interact with each other. Interactive Board helps teachers to enhance and compliment teaching with visual representation. Audio Visual Room is suitable to conduct seminars, workshops & lecture demonstrations.


Art & Craft

Art & Craft area helps children spread out their material and create teaching learning aids used both by teachers and children. The area helps to develop and use materials like charts and models. This area is the creative centre of the school where thoughts are transformed into visual expression with new teaching learning aids born here. It is an epicentre of creativity.


Quality Circle Time Room 

A place where children sit in a circle and discuss day to day happenings, exchange thought and actions, respect and listen to each other, help each other to arrive at a solution.



The  Infirmary or the First-aid room is an airy and comfortable place with a nurse in attendance and a doctor on call. Basic medication and first aid is administered here.



Mitra has spacious, airy, eco friendly, well ventilated classrooms with LCD Projectors and Computers. Teachers adept at using Information and Communication Technology enabled boards keep children's interest alive. These classrooms help teachers to present information using multimedia and digital images.


Transport Facility

The school runs buses to various parts from the school. This is to enable the safety of children and ensure that children reach not only school but also home on time. Each bus has an experienced and a friendly driver and helper to assist the parents and children. When students are taken out to represent the school they travel by the school transport.


Play Grounds

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The play ground offers opportunities to children for their physical activities and also develops their social skills. The playground facilitates the children to play Basketball, Football, Cricket and other outdoor games. The school ground provides children with more than just a place to play. It offers them opportunities for social interaction, fresh air, a break from the class room and some of the much needed physical exercise.



An auditorium has been erected on the terrace to give an exposure to the children to get a feel of participation and get over stage fear. It is equipped and fit to conduct various programmes like Inter School Festivals, Competitions & Activities.

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