Mitra Happenings - Jan 17

Feb 10, 2017 – Valedictory Day

Mitra Academy organized the valedictory function for the outgoing students of Std. X on 10th Feb, 2017, in ARA Memorial Hall. The theme for the event was ‘Reach for the Sky’. The Chief Guest was Mr. Suresh Moona, renowned historian and the founder of NGO-Aarambh. The programme started with an inaugural dance, Dashavatara by the high school students. Ms. Alphonsa George welcomed the guests the gathering comprising the honourable members of the management, parents of the outgoing students and the entire staff. The Headmistress addressed the gathering. Speaking on the occasion, she insisted on the value of perseverance and a positive outlook to soar high in future.  The students listened in rapt attention when the Chief Guest, Mr. Moona, through his motivational speech, underlined the value of courage and self-belief in achieving success in one’s life and career. The school felicitated the deserving, meritorious and talented students of the present and students of the academic year 2015-16 who made the school proud. Certificates of excellence and mementoes were distributed to the students to cherish as memories. The programme came to an end with the solemn lighting of the candle by the students and oath taking. The Head Girl, Shravya and Head Boy, Vikhyat Kashyap delivered the vote of thanks at the end of the ceremony.


Feb 17, 2017 – Club Day - Middle & High School

True to its vision of providing all round development of child, Mitra Academy organised Club Day marking the culmination of the club activities which were held through out the academic year .The Club Day ,held on 17th February 2017 saw all the students belonging to different clubs displaying and showcasing their talents. The members of Science Club displayed their models ,both static and working ,and the students of Art &Craft Club showcased the artifacts prepared during the regular club activity periods. The Cookery Club students offered a wide variety of lip-smacking savouries ranging from papdi chaat, spiral sandwiches and exotic desserts. The Literary Club, Quiz Club and Chess Club ,each conducted various competitions wherein the members of respective clubs participated with full enthusiasm. The Dance Club, Robotics Club, and Karate Club students displayed their talent and skill through various forms of dance, exhibiting projects like auto-bot and Q-bot software and presenting different forms of self-defence technique respectively. Thus the Club Day in the Academy witnessed a day of fun &amp; frolic with eager participation by the students.

Feb 25, 2017 – Graduation Day - Kinderworld

Graduation Day was celebrated with great fervour in Mitra Kinderworld. The school was bustling with activities and excitement. Parents gathered in the auditorium, brimming with enthusiasm. The little UKG starts swept their parents off their feet, when they marched up the stage in their pretty gowns to receive their certificates. Watching the tiny tots take oath was indeed a pleasurable sight which sent the parents sailing to cloud nine. The 2 cute little anchors also stole the heart of the audience with their charm. The videos of children speaking about their aspirations and the spectacular dances put by our tiny tots of LKG and Pre-KG further added glitz to the grand occasion.