Mitra Happenings - Aug 16

Aug 05, 2016 – Friendship Day Activity - Kinderworld

Friendship Day was celebrated with great zeal in Mitra Kinderworld. Children prepared gifts for their friends with great enthusiasm. The children displayed their creativity in preparing friendship cards, badges and flowers for their friends. They then exchanged these gifts with love and pride. It was an exciting sensorial activity and kindled their creative and imaginative skills. This activity also provided an opportunity for the children to understand the importance of friends in their lives.

Aug 10, 2016 – Show and Tell Competition - Kinderworld

With a view to enhancing the communicative skills of the children and helping them in overcoming the stage fear, a Show & Tell competition was held in our Kindergarten section. Children came with their speaking objects and spoke confidently in front of their friends. It was a pleasure watching our tiny tots making presentation fearlessly in front of an audience

Aug 15, 2016 – Independence Day Celebration

Mitra Academy celebrated the 70th Independence Day was with immense patriotic fervour and joy. The Chief Guest Capt. K Raman graced the occasion. The programme commenced with the hoisting of the tricolour flag by the Chief Guest, followed by singing of the National Anthem and cultural programme. Topaz House bagged the first Prize in both, March Past Competition and the Inter House Patriotic song competition. The mime 'Odyssey of India', put up by the students depicted the progress of India in the last seven decades. The Chief Guest, in his address motivated the students to serve their country selflessly.

Aug 18, 2016 – Std. IV Field Trip to Janapada Loka

‘Janapada Loka’ means Folk World , an amazing beauty. It is a folk museum situated in Ramnagara District, established on 21st March 1979. It has an exclusive display of the village folk arts of Karnataka. This week on 18th August, students of Std. IV were taken for a field trip to Janapada Loka. The students were taken around the folklore to cherish the life of rural world. They got to know about the life of the founder of Janapada Loka, Nadoja Shri H.L.Nage Gowda, the retired IAS officer who set up this museum with an intention of up keeping the aroma of rural lifestyle to the younger generations who are missing out the bonding with natural environment. The students were enthralled with Indi-irrigation Scheme which has similarity with the latest Nandavadagi Etha Neeravari Scheme of Raichur District and Karnataka Neeravari Scheme. Well preserved and maintained traditional coorgi dresses, old weapons, local musical instruments, face masks and many antique were really eye-catchy apart from being a great source of learning and information for the students. Dance forms such as puppet show and yakshagana were cherished by the students. The students were even taken through the experience of pottery on a traditional potters’ wheel which enthralled them. The students and the staff left the folk world with a memorable and joyful experience.

Aug 09, 2016 – Tri Colour Kite & Butterfly Making Activity - Std. III & Std. IV

This week the nation was soaked in the feel of patriotism, as it entered into its 70th glorious year of independence. To celebrate this occasion with pride, the Primary school students of Mitra Academy participated in the Tricolour Art Activity. The Indian National Flag or the Tiranga, is an identity for all Indians and a matter of great pride. To imbibe the importance of these three colours, the activity was conducted on 10th of August 2016.  The students with the guidance of their art teachers, painted the three colours of the tricolour, on the kites and flowers made by them. They had their heads held high and pride on their faces as they happily carried their art work home.

Aug 13, 2016 – Mitra Keep IT Up – 2016 - Computer Exhibition

Mitra Keep IT Up – 2016 was the Computer Exhibition held in the computer lab where the students from Std. I to Std. X showcased their talents in technical field by demonstrating various projects. The highlight of the exhibition was the demonstration of Remote Access using Team Viewer by Std. VIII students, Hidden Features of Windows by Std. IX students and the demonstration of Air Play device by Std. VIII and Std. IX students.  The parents thronged the exhibition, filled with great curiosity and excitement. The students showcased latest developments in the field of computers. The programs such as Hidden feature-Windows, Horoscope program, Apple Airport proved to be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. The parents were all praise for the efforts of the students who not only prepared the projects but were able to explain it lucidly, reflecting the sound knowledge of the concept.

Aug 23, 2016 – ‘AZADI 70’ CELEBRATION

Mitra Academy organized various activities in school to celebrate Azadi 70. The Freedom Fortnight, to help the students learn about the country’s glorious past in a befitting manner. The children participated in a painting competition and a badge making competition where in they used the colours of the tricolor to paint their imagination on a canvas. The run up to the Independence Day celebration marked hours of practice and on the D-Day, patriotic fervor marked the patriotic song singing competition, dances and a skit. Children learnt about the rich heritage and culture of our diverse land as well as the efforts of our martyrs and freedom fighters. The children also painted greeting cards to be sent to the jawans posted at the border stations as a mark of respect for the yeoman service they are rendering to the country. The fortnight long celebration of ‘Azadi 70’ culminated with a mass recitation of the National Anthem by all the students of the school at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016.

August 16, 2016 – Swatantrata Divas – Special Assembly

Swatantrata Divas was celebrated with amazing zest in Kinderworld. The Corridors, classrooms and the examination hall were decorated with tricoloured balloons and other cutouts. The Teachers and children were seen dressed in tricolours. A patriotic programme put up by teachers conveyed to the children the significance of Independence Day. Many children also spoke about the importance of Independence Day. A dance by our tiny tots further proved to be an icing on the colourful cake.

August 17, 2016 – Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan, symbolizing the bond of love between brothers and sisters, was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Mitra Kinderworld. Children prepared beautiful rakhis with the help of their teachers and took them home proudly to tie on the wrist of their siblings.

August 19, 2016 – Class Picnic – LKG & UKG

In order to provide an opportunity for the children to spend time with their friends in nature’s lap, a class picnic to the Butterfly Park was organized for LKG and UKG classes. The serene surroundings with the colourful butterflies and colourful flowers filled the hearts of our little ones with joy. The children indeed enjoyed the trip thoroughly pretty.

August 24, 2016 – Krishna Janmashtami Celebration – Thematic Dress Day

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with pomp and grandeur in Mitra Kinderworld. The school wore a festive look. The lobby was transformed into Brindavan, decorated beautifully with models of trees, animals and birds which was further embellished by an Idol of Lord Krishna. The classrooms, corridors and the examination hall were aesthetically decorated with colourful cutouts of Krishna, peacock feathers and beautiful pots which were prepared by our little ones. Children came dressed like Krishna, Radha and Meerabai. A vibrant programme consisting of songs and dances by students as well as teachers was the highlight of the day. Children also brought sweets which they shared with their friends.

August 31, 2016 – Sports Competition – Bean Bag Race – Pre KG

Bean Bag Race was held for our little ones with a view to enhancing their balancing skills. Our tiny tots displayed tremendous enthusiasm and sportive spirit during the race. It was indeed a funfilled event for the little ones.

August 27, 2016 – Support Staff Day

Let it be known that gratitude is one of the strongest powers and the finest emotion that a human being is capable of.'” To express gratitude towards support staff, the school community celebrated Support Staff day on Saturday August 27, 2016. Our Support Staff tirelessly and quietly go about the business of keeping our classrooms and campus in good working order. The team of housekeeping staff do our washing, sweeping and dusting. The maintenance staff repair and maintain the facilities provided to each member of the school. The transport staff drives students and staff to various events and destinations. The school hosted special programme at the ARA Memorial Hall. Students invited them with handmade cards. They were welcomed by students and teachers, and breakfast was served to them. Special cultural programme comprising dances and a skitwas conducted in Kannada language. Various gams like “okra cutting on balloon, alankara and guess the price” were conducted. Winning team was awarded. Special awards for ‘best dressed staff member’ was a wonderful surprise for them. Students prepared light snacks for them, to display their gratitude in action. The celebration that culminated with lunch provided by the management brought the entire Mitra Family together.