Mitra Happenings - January 16

January 27, 2015 – G.K. Quiz competition

The inter-house General Knowledge Quiz competition was held on Wednesday, 27 January, 2016 for Classes I and II with the aim of empowering the students with a good language, general awareness, team spirit and vocabulary in the various field. After going through a preliminary test each house selected four students to participate in the final round quiz. It comprised of various rounds like Guess Who Round, Audio Visual, Rapid Fire Round and a Buzzer Round. The teams were thoroughly briefed about the various rounds of the quiz. The four teams participated in the event enthusiastically depicting their sound general knowledge as well as the audience thoroughly enjoyed these rounds. Team spirit, discipline was the key features of every team. The little champions who came up with flying colours were of Ruby House and the runners were of Sapphire house.

January  09, 2015 – Science Expo

Mitra Academy conducted a science exhibition on Saturday January 9, 2016. Students from the Primary, Middle & High school put up an array of exhibits in the school auditorium. The enthusiasm and skill clubbed with in-depth knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology was commendable. There were a number of working models on display as part of the exhibition. The highlight among them was the model of a Hydraulic Robotic Arm. The other notable models were a Green House, Build A Fizz Inflator, Water Battery and a lot more. “Science Trivia” the Science quiz was organized for parents by Vijit and Shashank S of class VIII.  Parents participated in the quiz enthusiastically. The quiz tapped into the parents’ childhood curriculum. Overall the students’ effort and their scientific temperament helped to make this event a big success. The students’ efforts were also appreciated.

January  25 & 28, 2015 – Std. I & II Picnic to Grameen Camp

The students of Std I & II were taken for a picnic to the Grameen Camp at Nelamangla on 25th & 28th January, 2016 along with their class teachers and non-class teachers. They boarded the tourist bus and left the premises by 9.10am. The journey took almost 2 hours to reach the destination. The students were made into groups for the various traditional village games. The idea behind a day out in a farm was to introduce the children to a farm life. The trip was planned in such a way that the children get enough time to enjoy the nature around them as well as have fun. The traditional games act as learning aids to develop life skills, sensory skills, and motor skills while having lots of fun. Our students enjoyed playing with tyre wheels, lagori, marbles, top, catapult etc. They were introduced to the village life through various activities like drawing water from the well, grinding raagi in a pestle stone, churning butter milk, pounding some millet, pottery etc. They also enjoyed playing on the jungle gym. They had fun riding the tractor and swinging on Banyan tree branches. These activities brought them very close to nature. They enjoyed the natural environment away from busy city life where cows grazed silently, goats wandered leisurely; ducks quacked, the artistic way of making beads out of wood. It was an enjoyable trip.

January  14, 2015 – Std. I & II Picnic to Gohanthara Resort

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Our body needs enough relaxation to be fit and healthy. School picnics and excursions are few such programs which enable the students to unwind and relax. The students of Std. III and Std. IV were taken for a class picnic on 14th January, 2016, to Gohanthara Resort on Kanakpura Road.  The parents were informed a week before and were asked to send their consent. On the day of the picnic, the students came all excited and full of enthusiasm. They were accompanied by ten teachers and three support staff members. It took about 1 hour to reach the resort. The students were given breakfast and were guided towards the rain dance section. They all enjoyed thoroughly. It was a treat to eyes to watch them so relaxed and excited, away from daily pressures of study and academics.

January 06, 2016 – Colouring Competition

To promote healthy competition and to harness the hidden talent in the children, a colouring competition was held in the Kindergarten section. The themes for the competition were Vehicles, Road Safety & Our Neighbourhood. It was an enjoyable activity for the children which also enabled them to exhibit their creative skills. It was an enjoyable activity for the children which also enabled them to exhibit their creative skills.

January 08, 2016 – Patang Making Activity

With a view to infusing enthusiasm in the children, a fun filled kite making activity was conducted in the Kindergarten classes. Teachers provided colourful kite papers and strips of handmade sheets for preparing the kites. The children later decorated them using various creative techniques. This invigorating activity helped in enhancing the children’s creative & psychomotor skills.

January 12, 2016 – Field Trip

With a view to developing Naturalistic intelligence in the children a field trip to Lal Bagh was organized. The field trip was a joyful social experience for the children which gave them an opportunity to savour the elegant beauty of the flower show.

January 16, 2016 – ‘What I aspire to be?’  Activity

To give the children an opportunity to dream about their future and speak about it an activity “What I aspire to be?” was organized. Children came enthusiastically dressed as different community helpers like doctors, teachers, engineers, policemen and so on. This activity helped in enhancing their communication skills and also boosted their self-confidence.

January 27, 2016 – Republic Day – Special Assembly

To infuse patriotism in the children and to develop awareness about our National festivals, Republic Day special assembly was held in the Kindergarten section. Teachers as well as a few children spoke about the significance of Republic Day. The rendition of a patriotic song by some teachers held the children spell bound.

January 27, 2016 – Republic Day – Special Assembly

With a view to inculcating the habit of exercising in the children, a beanbag race was held on January 27, 2016 for the UKG children. This fun filled event helped in enhancing the balancing and psychomotor skills of our children.

January 29, 2016 – Our Neighbourhood – Class Project Activity

To develop awareness about “Our Neighbourhood” in the children, a class project activity was conducted in all the Kindergarten classes. Sketches of important places in our neighbourhood like school, post offices, hospitals, police stations etc. were made by the teachers on KG Cardboard sheets. Children were encouraged to stick colourful paper cutouts on the sketches to prepare a collage. This exciting group activity helped in enhancing the social as well as psychomotor skills of the children.