Student Clubs


Science Club

The Science Club conducts various activities and competitions to help students gain self-confidence and to enable them to channelise their energy and knowledge. It also gives an opportunity to students to develop their scientific aptitude and exploration through experimentation and nature study makes science interesting. Science exhibition showcasing children’s work is put up every year.


Quiz Club

The world around us is full of fascinating things. The young minds are ever eager to know how, why, when, where and what of everything that interests them. With this in mind the Quiz Club endeavours to encourage every child to develop his/her power of observation and also sharpen his/her power of thinking. Inter House Quiz Competition are regularly conducted regularly.


SUPW or Socially Useful and Productive Work and Community Service occupy an important place in the curriculum. Here the children are encouraged to do social service to the society by visiting schools for the visually impaired, home for the aged and orphanages where they put up cultural shows and organize games and competitions for the inhabitants.

Chess Club

Chess is a game not only of the Kings but also a game for children as it helps the child to focus and concentrate. Thinking is a part of setting goals and achieving. Chess helps the student to set and achieve long term as well as short term goals by using various tactics and manoeuvring to capture the opponent’s king.

Theatre  Club

Theatre  Club conducts various activities such as recitation, story telling and reading of self written work. Most of this is done through dramatization where in students are required to rewrite a story as a play and enact it. Bring alive a story during the reading session by modulation, information and dramatization. These help them develop their theatrical skills and put forth their thoughts and ideas on stage.

Music Club

Music is associated with sound, pitch, harmony and rhythm. Its an important part of every child’s life. Anything that sounds good is said to be “music to the ears”. The aim of the music club is to help students develop ‘a ear for music’, keep to rhythm, tune and sing in unison with the others. This helps them develop the spirit of “team” and “togetherness”. Trained by qualified musicians, the music club tries to achieve this with not only Indian music but with western music as well. This helps develop the inter-cultural concept as well.

Eco Club

Eco club as the name itself suggests that the students in this club involve themselves in eco friendly activities. These include tree planting, recycling wastes and generally ensuring that the environment is clean and free of pollution. Even collection of waste is done in such a way that recyclable things are collected in a separate bin and sent for recycling. Things which cannot be recycled are collected in different bins and disposed off in an un harmful way.

Dance Club

Dance is an art form, an expression of the soul, through pure body movements set to music, beat and rhythm. It not only trains a person to focus  and concentrate but also to be flexible. This is what the children learn through dance and apply to life.

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