The Club Culmination Day is an effort towards showcasing and sharpening the the special skill learnt through the year. Mitra Academy held its Club Culmination Day on 21st &22nd February, 2019 to mark the end of the club activities for the academic year 2018-19.All the club members displayed the skills acquired round the year in their respective clubs. The members of Quiz Club participated in a quiz competition whereas the members of Literary Club presented emotional, thought-provoking poetry ranging from blank verse to slam poetry. The clubs which were introduced this year, –Needle-craft and Jewellery Making, saw the members participate and present their art work in various hues with great enthusiasm. The Dance Club, Theatre Club and the Music Club members displayed their talent through a stage show comprising the performances by respective club members. The Robotics Club had the students thrilled with a chance to witness the functioning of various type of robots as a treat to their year long learning.

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