Field Trip to Indo-American Hybrid Seed India Private Limited

The students of Class VIII of Mitra Academy visited the Indo-American Hybrid Seed India Private Limited on the 4th of July,2018. Scientist and consultant for Agriculture, Dr. Jayachandran addressed the students and guided them through the premises. It is the largest nursery in India covering an area of 25 acres. Dr. Atavar who was the founder of this centre constantly encouraged scientists to create hybrid varieties of fruits, vegetables and crops. The great famine in Bengal in 1973 prompted the Green Revolution and the creation of hybrid varieties of fruits and vegetables. The students first visited the Foliage Centre where they observed Cacti, Bryophyllum and a variety of ornamental flowering plants and where hybrid seeds, plants, pots, statues etc. are sold. Thee students visited the Greenhouses where hybrid saplings were grown and nurtured till they could be transplanted into open spaces. Dr. Jaychandran explained and showed samples of tissue culture and cross pollination, emasculation . Many students purchased plants and seeds for their gardens.On the whole it was an enriching educational trip.