‘Yoga is a science, a science of well – being, a science of youthfulness, a science of integrating body, mind, and soul.’
The students of Std.X presented an online special assembly on account of International Yoga Day on June 22, 2020.The thought, facts and the topic were related to the importance of yoga in improving the physical and mental well being of all individuals, young and old alike. The spread of yoga to all corners of the globe, as a popular form of exercise and meditation was emphasised. A special presentation by the students- Banu Prakash, Shashwath and Skanda (of Std.VIII), Shreyas and Prabhav (of Std.IX) under the able guidance of the yoga teacher, Ms. Deepa was the highlight of the day. The demonstration of the surya namaskar and the other asanas by the students left the audience admiring their superb flexibility as was reflected in the appreciative messages in the textbox. The assembly concluded with the thought that a healthy body and a healthy mind is absolutely vital for a healthy life.